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Valdera is a beautiful hilly area near Pisa with rich traditions and valuable works of art. Its small villages, each with its own cultural peculiarities, pleasant opportunity to offer the visitor. Especially in summer, you can participate in the events related to local culinary traditions and in every moment of the sample directly into the cellar, the excellent local wine Chianti. Florence and Siena and the beautiful Etruscan town of Volterra are easily accessible from here as well as the spa towns and the coast.
Valdera landscape heritage, human, historical and art of great interest, in addition to ensuring a pleasant stay in its vast territory, has seen emerge in recent years museums and recreational activities that have helped to increase its potential. The men of this land, with great efforts, have recovered and developed the culture of living and working in our community until a few decades ago; culture rediscovered in the Museum of Labor and rural San Gervasio and the Permanent Exhibition the civilization of Montefoscoli, both located in the territory of Palaia. Alongside these realities, arising from the recovery of the manor and peasant areas of the Tuscan countryside, new scientific facilities, such as the Astronomical Observatory of Libbiano and Zoological Museum of Capannoli. Of particular value are the two art museums, which arose at Peccioli and Capannoli, the first of Russian icons, born thanks to a donation and the second of archeology, complete with artefacts recovered in this area. A Peccioli the Prehistoric Park combines the historical scientific information with opportunities for recreation. In this varied and interesting reality, it adds a considerable geothermal phenomenon, recently discovered in the campaign Orciatico and studied by major universities: a mofeta which releases carbon dioxide. In Valdera are possible for students and groups of enthusiasts, guided visits to wine cellars and, in particular periods of the year, including farms to follow closely the interesting phases of collection and processing of some products of our land. This exciting journey is part of the territory in an original way, has the potential to its numerous schools of all levels and encouraging meetings and socialization.
The park stands out on the Tuscan scene because it is an area of particular scientific and artistic interest, the salient aspects of which have been studied and put together so as to provide an educational opportunity by setting up innovative facilities and open-air spaces making for thought-provoking urban experiences: science centres, museums and parks. It is a brand of initiative embodying a new social and territorial perspective based primarily on efficient facilities, museums and cultural workshops bound up with specific planning of the area concerned. The educational and cultural hub that the park constitutes fosters acquaintanceship and socialisation, as it is set in particularly agreeable geographical surroundings. School parties and their families can take advantage of a new approach that enables them to embark on a journey into the culture and times that have shaped the area. Here we have prehistory in the park devoted to the subject and the archaeological museum, history with the zoology and icon museums, contemporary history with the museums of peasant lore and work and, last but not least, the sciences, with the astronomical observatory and the mofette. The discovery over recent decades of various archaeological sites dating back to Etruscan and other times and dotted over the whole of the park also holds out great interest.

Nearby surroundings:
Capannoli Chianni, Peccioli, Rivalto Orciatico, Terricciola

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